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Notarizing for Inmates – Are DOC I.D. Cards Acceptable?

posted May 29, 2016, 3:59 PM by AG Pro Serve Intl.

When inmates require notarial services, most of the time they obtain from a notary who works for the Department of Corrections. However, there are times when they may require notaries outside the system to come in to notarize for an inmate.

All types of identification are confiscated when a person is taken into custody and housed in a state prison; inmates are issued a department identification card,  Florida Department of Corrections inmate identification card – DOC Inmate ID Card, and notaries may rely on it to verify an inmate’s identity.

The card includes the inmate’s name, identification number, date of birth, photo, and physical description; it’s similar to a credit card, but it does not have the inmate’s signature.

When an inmate is released from custody, he or she may use the card temporarily until he or she can obtain a proper State ID card or driver’s license; it will have a sticker indicating the person has been released and the release date.

So, can notaries accept this card as an acceptable form of identification?

Yes and no. According to FL law, notaries can accept this card only if the inmate is under the custody of the department; if the inmate has been released, no.

Governor’s Reference Manual for Notaries - Identification:  DOC Inmate Identification Cards p. 34

by Alessandra Jackson

AG Pro Serve Intl.