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Documents Prepared or Notarized in Other States

posted May 29, 2016, 3:57 PM by AG Pro Serve Intl.

Do you have a document that was prepared in another state, but you are in Florida and need it notarized? Can Florida Notaries do that? What about documents notarized in another state?

Documents that were prepared in other states can be notarized in Florida; however, it is important to know that the signature in the document will be notarized according to Florida law. So, when notaries notarize documents prepared in other states, they do so according to the laws of that state because they are an officer authorized to act only in that state.

Documents notarized in another state must be notarized according to the laws of that state by an
officer authorized to act in that state, and will be accepted in Florida, if properly notarized.

To determine if a notarization complies with that state’s laws, you may contact the state’s agency that appoints notaries (generally the Governor or Secretary of State).

What is the procedure to notarize documents prepared in another state?

To notarize a signature on a document that was prepared in another state, FL notaries can add the required information to make our notarial certificate comply with Florida law; we may have to change the venue (State of Florida, County of _____________), add the type of identification, etc.

Governor’s Reference Manual for Notaries - Documents Prepared or Notarized in Other States p.29

by Alessandra Jackson

AG Pro Serve Intl.