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Buying an Used Vehicle and Need to Have the V.I.N. Verified?

posted May 29, 2016, 4:49 PM by AG Pro Serve Intl.

So, you are buying an used vehicle and applying for a title in Florida for the first time. Now you need to get your V.I.N. verified because it is required by law. What is V.I.N., where is it, and why do you need to have it verified?

V.I.N. stands for Vehicle Identification Number; it’s your vehicle’s ID and verifying it can can help you know its history. It can help you know if the vehicle has ever been reported stolen, wrecked, or if a flood report has been filed, if any recalls, and it can reveal also if there’s been odometer fraud. So it’s actually good to do that before buying an used car!


By FL law, your used car must have its V.I.N and odometer verified and be physically inspected and Notaries Public are authorized to do that (§ 319.23(3) (a) (2) , Fla. Stat.) They use a form prepared by the Department of HSMV.

Before Notarization: Part A requires the owner’ s sworn statement regarding the correct VIN and odometer reading. A jurat, or notarial certificate, is provided in this section.

Part B requires the notary public, or other authorized person, to certify that he or she has physically inspected the vehicle and that the VIN matches the number recorded on the form. The notary must include the date, sign the form, print his or her name, and affix his or her notary seal.

The notarial act of verifying the V.I.N./odometer and physically inspecting the vehicle costs $10.

* Keep in mind that notaries may charge other fees not related to the notarial act, but they should provide you with an itemized list of charges before doing anything. The physical inspection is for the purpose of matching the VIN number the owner provided with the number that is actually on the vehicle as well as the odometer numbers.

Then you should be on your way to getting your title that will look like this:

by Alessandra Jackson

AG Pro Serve Intl.